Innovative Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Role of multi-parametric MRI in prostate cancer management

Multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) has demonstrated a significant opportunity to improve the detection and diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer  and reduce the typical upgrading seen in the past at radical prostatectomy.  

In-bore MRI Biopsy

Researchers have shown that the number of cores needed to diagnose a clinically significant cancer is threefold less in the in-bore MR guided biopsy than the fusion biopsy because in-bore MRI-guided biopsy can place needle right in the lesion, hence higher inclusion of cancerous tissue. 

Cost Effective

 In-bore MRI-based diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer directly uses power of mpMRI. Experts report that in-bore approach is cost-effective than other image-guided approach inclusion MRI fusion biopsy using ultrasound.

Transperineal approach

Transperineal approach has a higher detection rate of cancer in an anterior lesion than trans-rectal approach.

MRI-guided focal therapy

Focal ablative therapy of prostate cancer is a viable option for prostate cancer management particularly among men undergoing active surveillance. 

Next-generation biopsy

Novel MR images can identify focal habitats within the gland and focal lesions, representing intratumoral heterogeneity. A precision guidance device may separately sample these sub-lesions, it will enable targeted diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer.